Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

Sydney (AU)

Departures SYD

DepartureFlight AirlineToStatusRemark
21:25:00PAO 856Samoa AirwaysSamoa AirwaysApia (APW)En Route
21:30:00QF 556QantasQantasBrisbane (BNE)En RouteDelayed
21:30:00EK 5556EmiratesEmiratesBrisbane (BNE)En RouteDelayed
21:30:00NZ 1756Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBrisbane (BNE)En RouteDelayed
21:30:00NH 880ANAANATokyo (HND)En Route
21:30:00NZ 4158Air New ZealandAir New ZealandTokyo (HND)En Route
21:35:00VA 5435Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaCanberra (CBR)En Route
21:35:00LO 4019LOT - Polish AirlinesLOT - Polish AirlinesCanberra (CBR)En Route
21:35:00LH 9760LufthansaLufthansaCanberra (CBR)En Route
21:35:00LX 4184SWISSSWISSCanberra (CBR)En Route
21:35:00SQ 288Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesCanberra (CBR)En Route
21:35:00QF 25QantasQantasTokyo (HND)En Route
21:40:00NZ 3896Air New ZealandAir New ZealandChengdu (CTU)En Route
21:40:00CA 430Air ChinaAir ChinaChengdu (CTU)En Route
21:40:00VA 5100Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaHonolulu (HNL)En Route
21:40:00HA 452Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)En Route
21:45:00TT 287Tigerair AustraliaTigerair AustraliaMelbourne (MEL)Cancelled
21:45:00IB 7951IberiaIberiaDoha (DOH)En RouteDelayed
21:45:00S7 4806S7 AirlinesS7 AirlinesDoha (DOH)En RouteDelayed
21:45:00QR 909Qatar AirwaysQatar AirwaysDoha (DOH)En RouteDelayed
21:45:00QF 8413QantasQantasDubai (DXB)En RouteDelayed
21:45:00EK 413EmiratesEmiratesDubai (DXB)En RouteDelayed
21:50:00UX 3824Air EuropaAir EuropaAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00KM 2122Air MaltaAir MaltaAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00MS 8087EgyptAirEgyptAirAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00A3 1915Aegean AirlinesAegean AirlinesAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00EI 8055Aer LingusAer LingusAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00NZ 4255Air New ZealandAir New ZealandAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00AZ 3925AlitaliaAlitaliaAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00KL 3939KLMKLMAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00EY 455Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00S7 4606S7 AirlinesS7 AirlinesAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00AF 3821Air FranceAir FranceAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00KQ 5503Kenya AirwaysKenya AirwaysAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00JU 8112Air SerbiaAir SerbiaAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
21:50:00VA 7093Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaAbu Dhabi (AUH)En Route
22:00:00EY 6392Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:00:00HX 3396Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong AirlinesMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:00:00SQ 6864Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:00:00VA 898Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:00:00EK 7582EmiratesEmiratesAvalon (AVV)En Route
22:00:00QF 5611QantasQantasAvalon (AVV)En Route
22:00:00JQ 611JetstarJetstarAvalon (AVV)En Route
22:00:00SQ 7292Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesAuckland (AKL)Scheduled
22:05:00NZ 1897Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:05:00EK 5497EmiratesEmiratesMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:05:00QF 497QantasQantasMelbourne (MEL)ScheduledDelayed
22:10:00QF 7523QantasQantasAuckland (AKL)Scheduled
22:10:00JQ 527JetstarJetstarMelbourne (MEL)Cancelled
22:10:00KL 4990KLMKLMTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:10:00QF 389QantasQantasTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:10:00AF 4161Air FranceAir FranceTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:10:00CI 52China AirlinesChina AirlinesTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:15:00KL 4118KLMKLMKuala Lumpur (KUL)En Route
22:15:00QR 4976Qatar AirwaysQatar AirwaysKuala Lumpur (KUL)En Route
22:15:00UL 2340SriLankan AirlinesSriLankan AirlinesKuala Lumpur (KUL)En Route
22:15:00MH 140Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia AirlinesKuala Lumpur (KUL)En Route
22:15:00AF 7845Air FranceAir FranceGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00KL 4506KLMKLMGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00MF 9262Xiamen AirlinesXiamen AirlinesGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00QF 325QantasQantasGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00SU 3989AeroflotAeroflotGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00KQ 5225Kenya AirwaysKenya AirwaysGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00CZ 302China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
22:15:00QF 7345QantasQantasMelbourne (MEL)Scheduled
22:20:00OM 5602Miat - Mongolian AirlinesMiat - Mongolian AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:20:00AY 5112FinnairFinnairHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:20:00KC 1718Air AstanaAir AstanaHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:20:00BA 4134British AirwaysBritish AirwaysHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:20:00CX 138Cathay PacificCathay PacificHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:30:00HJ 2Tasman Cargo AirlinesTasman Cargo AirlinesAuckland (AKL)Scheduled
23:05:00QF 7440QantasQantasBrisbane (BNE)Scheduled
23:40:00VA 9584Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaMelbourne (MEL)Scheduled
23:55:00QF 7412QantasQantasBrisbane (BNE)Scheduled

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