Incheon International Airport

Seoul (KR)

Departures ICN

DepartureFlight AirlineToStatusRemark
21:10:00SC 4778Shandong AirlinesShandong AirlinesQingdao (TAO)En Route
21:10:007C* 2803Jeju AirJeju AirHanoi (HAN)En Route
21:10:00LJ 643Jin AirJin AirGuam (GUM)En Route
21:10:00KE 5769Korean AirKorean AirDa Nang (DAD)En Route
21:10:00LJ 59Jin AirJin AirDa Nang (DAD)En Route
21:10:00CA 4778Air ChinaAir ChinaQingdao (TAO)En Route
21:10:00OZ 6713Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesQingdao (TAO)En Route
21:20:007C* 4703Jeju AirJeju AirHo Chi Minh City (SGN)En Route
21:20:007C* 2903Jeju AirJeju AirDa Nang (DAD)En Route
21:25:00OZ 6763Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesBangkok (BKK)En Route
21:25:00TG 655Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways InternationalBangkok (BKK)En Route
21:25:00CZ 4090China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesChengdu (CTU)En RouteDelayed
21:25:003U 8904Sichuan AirlinesSichuan AirlinesChengdu (CTU)En RouteDelayed
21:25:007C* 2107Jeju AirJeju AirHong Kong (HKG)En Route
21:25:00NH 6896ANAANATokyo (HND)En RouteDelayed
21:25:00OZ 178Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesTokyo (HND)En RouteDelayed
21:30:00OZ 969Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)En Route
21:30:00OZ 707Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesAngeles (CRK)En RouteDelayed
21:35:00LJ 23Jin AirJin AirAngeles (CRK)En Route
21:35:00KE 5763Korean AirKorean AirAngeles (CRK)En Route
21:45:00OZ 6711Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesYantai (YNT)En Route
21:45:00SC 4708Shandong AirlinesShandong AirlinesYantai (YNT)En Route
21:45:009W 4674Jet Airways (India)Jet Airways (India)Hong Kong (HKG)En Route
21:45:00DL 9040Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesHong Kong (HKG)En Route
21:45:00KE 611Korean AirKorean AirHong Kong (HKG)En Route
21:50:00LD 129AHKAHKHong Kong (HKG)En Route
21:50:007C* 4903Jeju AirJeju AirNha Trang (CXR)En Route
21:55:00UO 627Hong Kong ExpressHong Kong ExpressHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:00:00KE 7895Korean AirKorean AirHonolulu (HNL)Scheduled
22:00:00TK 9148Turkish AirlinesTurkish AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)Scheduled
22:00:00HA 460Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)Scheduled
22:00:007L* 124Silk Way WestSilk Way WestBaku (GYD)Scheduled
22:00:00DL 7720Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:00:00KE 5693Korean AirKorean AirTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:00:00CI 163China AirlinesChina AirlinesTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:00:00KE 251Korean AirKorean AirAnchorage (ANC)Scheduled
22:05:00OZ 709Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesCebu City (CEB)Scheduled
22:05:00OZ 933Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesHanoi (HAN)En Route
22:05:00KE 5823Korean AirKorean AirDalian (DLC)En Route
22:05:00CZ 676China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesDalian (DLC)En Route
22:10:007C* 3404Jeju AirJeju AirSaipan (SPN)Scheduled
22:10:007C* 2465Jeju AirJeju AirCebu City (CEB)En Route
22:15:005J 129Cebu Pacific AirCebu Pacific AirCebu City (CEB)En Route
22:15:00CX 35Cathay PacificCathay PacificHong Kong (HKG)Scheduled
22:20:00OZ 9665Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesDa Nang (DAD)Scheduled
22:20:00RS* 551Air SeoulAir SeoulDa Nang (DAD)Scheduled
22:20:007C* 2003Jeju AirJeju AirMacau (MFM)Scheduled
22:20:00KE 367Korean AirKorean AirKuala Lumpur (KUL)Scheduled
22:25:00KE 313Korean AirKorean AirHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:25:00OZ 321Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesChangsha (CSX)Scheduled
22:25:007C* 2907Jeju AirJeju AirDa Nang (DAD)ScheduledDelayed
22:30:00BI 652Royal Brunei AirlinesRoyal Brunei AirlinesBandar Seri Begawan (BWN)Scheduled
22:30:00KE 5981Korean AirKorean AirVladivostok (VVO)Scheduled
22:30:00SU 5435AeroflotAeroflotVladivostok (VVO)Scheduled
22:35:00FX 5924FedExFedExAnchorage (ANC)En Route
22:35:00KE 395Korean AirKorean AirSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
22:35:00Z2 9047Philippines AirAsiaPhilippines AirAsiaCebu City (CEB)En Route
22:35:00KE 5753Korean AirKorean AirMacau (MFM)Scheduled
22:35:00LJ 121Jin AirJin AirMacau (MFM)Scheduled
22:40:00OZ 268Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesAnchorage (ANC)Scheduled
22:45:005X 99UPSUPSAnchorage (ANC)Scheduled
22:45:00APJ 808Peach AviationPeach AviationTokyo (HND)Scheduled
22:50:00Z2 889Philippines AirAsiaPhilippines AirAsiaManila (MNL)ScheduledDelayed
22:50:00PR 493Philippine AirlinesPhilippine AirlinesAngeles (CRK)Scheduled
23:00:00OZ 242Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesAnchorage (ANC)Scheduled
23:05:00AC 6306Air CanadaAir CanadaSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
23:05:00OZ 6783Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
23:05:00VA 5405Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
23:05:00SQ 603Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
23:05:00OZ 6571Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesNovosibirsk (OVB)Scheduled
23:05:00S7 502S7 AirlinesS7 AirlinesNovosibirsk (OVB)Scheduled
23:05:00CZ 4520China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesBeijing (PEK)Scheduled
23:05:00KE 859Korean AirKorean AirBeijing (PEK)Scheduled
23:10:00MU 5086China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesJinan (TNA)ScheduledDelayed
23:10:00OZ 609Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesKoror (ROR)ScheduledDelayed
23:10:00KJ* 511Air IncheonAir IncheonHanoi (HAN)ScheduledDelayed
23:10:00DL 7662Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
23:10:00KE 647Korean AirKorean AirSingapore (SIN)Scheduled
23:10:00KE 261Korean AirKorean AirAnchorage (ANC)Scheduled
23:15:00KE 277Korean AirKorean AirAnchorage (ANC)Scheduled
23:15:00QW* 9902Qingdao AirlinesQingdao AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Scheduled
23:15:00KE 315Korean AirKorean AirShanghai (PVG)Scheduled
23:20:00KE 213Korean AirKorean AirLos Angeles (LAX)Scheduled
23:20:00CZ 316China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesBeijing (PEK)Scheduled
23:20:00KE 5803Korean AirKorean AirBeijing (PEK)Scheduled
23:20:00KE 319Korean AirKorean AirGuangzhou (CAN)Scheduled
23:30:00OZ 286Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesLos Angeles (LAX)Scheduled
23:30:00KE 9525Korean AirKorean AirHanoi (HAN)Scheduled
23:35:00KE 361Korean AirKorean AirHanoi (HAN)Scheduled
23:40:00OZ 383Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesHanoi (HAN)Scheduled
23:50:00EK 323EmiratesEmiratesDubai (DXB)Scheduled
23:50:00SC 4722Shandong AirlinesShandong AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Scheduled
23:50:00OZ 6717Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Scheduled
23:50:00CA 4722Air ChinaAir ChinaQingdao (TAO)Scheduled

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