Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Taipei (TW)

Arrivals TPE

ArrivalFlight AirlineToStatusRemark
21:05:00VN 578Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesHanoi (HAN)Landed
21:05:00JW 189Vanilla AirVanilla AirOkinawa (OKA)Landed
21:05:00JL 5123JALJALTakamatsu (TAK)Landed
21:05:00KL 4986KLMKLMTakamatsu (TAK)Landed
21:05:00CI 179China AirlinesChina AirlinesTakamatsu (TAK)Landed
21:05:00CI 9024China AirlinesChina AirlinesHanoi (HAN)Landed
21:10:00VN 570Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesHo Chi Minh City (SGN)Landed
21:10:00CI 9570China AirlinesChina AirlinesHo Chi Minh City (SGN)Landed
21:10:00BR 278EVA AirEVA AirManila (MNL)Landed
21:15:00AA 8458American AirlinesAmerican AirlinesTokyo (NRT)Landed
21:15:00CI 9909China AirlinesChina AirlinesTokyo (NRT)Landed
21:15:00HA 5404Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian AirlinesTokyo (NRT)Landed
21:15:00JL 809JALJALTokyo (NRT)Landed
21:15:00EF 128Far Eastern Air TransportFar Eastern Air TransportHefei (HFE)LandedDelayed
21:20:00CI 5383China AirlinesChina AirlinesAnchorage (ANC)En RouteDelayed
21:20:00KA 5464Cathay DragonCathay DragonHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:20:00CX 464Cathay PacificCathay PacificHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:20:00JL 5107JALJALOsaka (KIX)LandedDelayed
21:20:00CI 173China AirlinesChina AirlinesOsaka (KIX)LandedDelayed
21:20:00MI 8385SilkAirSilkAirSapporo (CTS)LandedDelayed
21:20:00SQ 8385Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesSapporo (CTS)LandedDelayed
21:20:00TR 893ScootScootSapporo (CTS)LandedDelayed
21:25:00MU 8916China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesWuhan (WUH)Landed
21:25:00CZ 4810China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesWuhan (WUH)Landed
21:25:00CI 542China AirlinesChina AirlinesWuhan (WUH)Landed
21:25:00HX 1872Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:25:00BR 872EVA AirEVA AirHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:35:00ZH 3401Shenzhen AirlinesShenzhen AirlinesShenzhen (SZX)Landed
21:35:00B7 188UNI AirUNI AirShenzhen (SZX)Landed
21:35:00BR 256EVA AirEVA AirDenpasar (DPS)En RouteDelayed
21:35:00JL 5135JALJALOkinawa (OKA)LandedDelayed
21:35:00KL 4981KLMKLMOkinawa (OKA)LandedDelayed
21:35:00DL 7748Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesOkinawa (OKA)LandedDelayed
21:35:00CI 123China AirlinesChina AirlinesOkinawa (OKA)LandedDelayed
21:40:00AC 6534Air CanadaAir CanadaSeoul (ICN)LandedDelayed
21:40:00OZ 6871Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesSeoul (ICN)LandedDelayed
21:40:00TG 6393Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways InternationalSeoul (ICN)LandedDelayed
21:40:00BR 159EVA AirEVA AirSeoul (ICN)LandedDelayed
21:45:00TG 6302Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways InternationalBangkok (BKK)Landed
21:45:00AI 7054Air IndiaAir IndiaBangkok (BKK)Landed
21:45:00BR 68EVA AirEVA AirBangkok (BKK)Landed
21:45:00KE 5697Korean AirKorean AirBusan (PUS)Landed
21:45:00KL 4995KLMKLMBusan (PUS)Landed
21:45:00CI 187China AirlinesChina AirlinesBusan (PUS)Landed
21:45:00CI 9915China AirlinesChina AirlinesOsaka (KIX)LandedDelayed
21:45:00HA 5409Hawaiian AirlinesHawaiian AirlinesOsaka (KIX)LandedDelayed
21:45:00JL 815JALJALOsaka (KIX)LandedDelayed
21:45:00TTW 306Tigerair TaiwanTigerair TaiwanMacau (MFM)Landed
21:50:00KA 5478Cathay DragonCathay DragonHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:50:00CX 478Cathay PacificCathay PacificHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:50:00CI 920China AirlinesChina AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:50:00TTW 203Tigerair TaiwanTigerair TaiwanTokyo (NRT)Landed
21:55:00CX 468Cathay PacificCathay PacificHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:55:00KA 5468Cathay DragonCathay DragonHong Kong (HKG)Landed
22:00:00CZ 4806China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesShanghai (PVG)Landed
22:00:00MU 8904China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesShanghai (PVG)Landed
22:00:00CI 504China AirlinesChina AirlinesShanghai (PVG)Landed
22:00:00CI 6596China AirlinesChina AirlinesHanoi (HAN)ScheduledDelayed
22:00:00BR 806EVA AirEVA AirMacau (MFM)En Route
22:05:00TTW 233Tigerair TaiwanTigerair TaiwanOkinawa (OKA)Landed
22:10:00BR 2220EVA AirEVA AirBangkok (BKK)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00LY 8405El AlEl AlBangkok (BKK)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00BR 721EVA AirEVA AirShanghai (PVG)En Route
22:10:00HO 3187Juneyao AirlinesJuneyao AirlinesShanghai (PVG)En Route
22:10:00CA 5521Air ChinaAir ChinaShanghai (PVG)En Route
22:10:00B7 7017UNI AirUNI AirShanghai (PVG)En Route
22:10:00LH 9722LufthansaLufthansaBangkok (BKK)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00TG 636Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways InternationalBangkok (BKK)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00TTW 213Tigerair TaiwanTigerair TaiwanOsaka (KIX)En Route
22:10:00VN 3582Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesHo Chi Minh City (SGN)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00CI 784China AirlinesChina AirlinesHo Chi Minh City (SGN)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00BR 2179EVA AirEVA AirTokyo (NRT)En Route
22:10:00UA 7943United AirlinesUnited AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En Route
22:10:00NH 823ANAANATokyo (NRT)En Route
22:15:00VN 3586Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesHanoi (HAN)Landed
22:15:00CI 794China AirlinesChina AirlinesHanoi (HAN)Landed
22:20:00CI 117China AirlinesChina AirlinesFukuoka (FUK)En RouteDelayed
22:20:00KL 4987KLMKLMFukuoka (FUK)En RouteDelayed
22:20:00JL 5127JALJALFukuoka (FUK)En RouteDelayed
22:25:00TTW 607Tigerair TaiwanTigerair TaiwanBusan (PUS)En Route
22:25:00MU 8924China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesWuxi (WUX)En RouteDelayed
22:25:00CI 510China AirlinesChina AirlinesWuxi (WUX)En RouteDelayed
22:25:00NX 620Air MacauAir MacauMacau (MFM)En Route
22:25:00CI 182China AirlinesChina AirlinesDelhi (DEL)En Route
22:25:00D7 376AirAsia XAirAsia XKuala Lumpur (KUL)En Route
22:25:00PG 4903Bangkok AirwaysBangkok AirwaysBangkok (BKK)En RouteDelayed
22:25:00CI 836China AirlinesChina AirlinesBangkok (BKK)En RouteDelayed
22:30:00AE 976Mandarin AirlinesMandarin AirlinesShenyang (SHE)En Route
22:30:00CZ 4754China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesShenyang (SHE)En Route
22:40:00CI 5542China AirlinesChina AirlinesBangkok (BKK)Landed
22:40:00CI 5147China AirlinesChina AirlinesOsaka (KIX)En Route
22:40:00NH 8441ANAANATokyo (NRT)En Route
22:50:00CI 6844China AirlinesChina AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:55:00AF 8415Air FranceAir FranceManila (MNL)En Route
22:55:00KL 808KLMKLMManila (MNL)En Route
22:55:00CI 924China AirlinesChina AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)En Route
22:55:00HX 1858Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)ScheduledDelayed
22:55:00BR 858EVA AirEVA AirHong Kong (HKG)ScheduledDelayed
23:00:00TTW 255Tigerair TaiwanTigerair TaiwanSendai (SDJ)En Route
23:10:00JL 5049JALJALTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:10:00DL 7737Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:10:00CI 109China AirlinesChina AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:20:00BR 757EVA AirEVA AirHangzhou (HGH)En Route
23:20:00CA 5527Air ChinaAir ChinaHangzhou (HGH)En Route
23:20:00CI 5705China AirlinesChina AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:25:00AC 6542Air CanadaAir CanadaTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:25:00NH 5805ANAANATokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:25:00TG 6353Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways InternationalTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:25:00BR 195EVA AirEVA AirTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
23:35:00BR 810EVA AirEVA AirHong Kong (HKG)En Route
23:35:00HX 1810Hong Kong AirlinesHong Kong AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)En Route
23:40:00CI 518China AirlinesChina AirlinesBeijing (PEK)En Route
23:45:00SC 103Shandong AirlinesShandong AirlinesJinan (TNA)En RouteDelayed
23:45:00BR 761EVA AirEVA AirJinan (TNA)En RouteDelayed
23:45:00BX 797Air BusanAir BusanBusan (PUS)En Route
23:50:00CI 163China AirlinesChina AirlinesSeoul (ICN)En RouteDelayed
23:50:00KE 5693Korean AirKorean AirSeoul (ICN)En RouteDelayed
23:50:00DL 7720Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesSeoul (ICN)En RouteDelayed
23:50:007C* 2653Jeju AirJeju AirBusan (PUS)En Route
23:55:00CI 928China AirlinesChina AirlinesHong Kong (HKG)Scheduled

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