Narita International Airport

Tokyo (JP)

Arrivals NRT

ArrivalFlight AirlineToStatusRemark
21:05:00KE 705Korean AirKorean AirSeoul (ICN)Landed
21:05:00JL 5206JALJALSeoul (ICN)Landed
21:05:00DL 7672Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesSeoul (ICN)Landed
21:05:00SJO 624Spring Airlines JapanSpring Airlines JapanHiroshima (HIJ)Scheduled
21:15:00JL 5240JALJALJeju (CJU)Landed
21:15:00KE 717Korean AirKorean AirJeju (CJU)Landed
21:30:00GK 628Jetstar JapanJetstar JapanKagoshima (KOJ)Landed
21:30:00QF 5289QantasQantasKagoshima (KOJ)Landed
21:30:00JL 6088JALJALKagoshima (KOJ)Landed
21:35:00JL 6030JALJALSapporo (CTS)Landed
21:35:00QF 5042QantasQantasSapporo (CTS)Landed
21:35:00GK 120Jetstar JapanJetstar JapanSapporo (CTS)Landed
21:40:00GK 308Jetstar JapanJetstar JapanOkinawa (OKA)Landed
21:40:00QF 5084QantasQantasOkinawa (OKA)Landed
21:40:00JL 6124JALJALOkinawa (OKA)Landed
22:00:00JL 6004JALJALOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:00:00QF 5062QantasQantasOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:00:00GK 210Jetstar JapanJetstar JapanOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:00:00JL 6060JALJALFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:00:00QF 5230QantasQantasFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:00:00GK 518Jetstar JapanJetstar JapanFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:25:00SJO 1052Spring Airlines JapanSpring Airlines JapanHarbin (HRB)En Route

Airport information

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