Incheon International Airport

Seoul (KR)

Arrivals ICN

ArrivalFlight AirlineToStatusRemark
18:30:005Y 2918Atlas AirAtlas AirAnchorage (ANC)En RouteDelayed
21:05:007C* 1103Jeju AirJeju AirTokyo (NRT)LandedDelayed
21:05:00UO 626Hong Kong ExpressHong Kong ExpressHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:05:00KE 5694Korean AirKorean AirTaipei (TPE)Landed
21:05:00DL 7719Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesTaipei (TPE)Landed
21:05:00CI 162China AirlinesChina AirlinesTaipei (TPE)Landed
21:05:00NH 6981ANAANASendai (SDJ)Landed
21:05:00OZ 151Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesSendai (SDJ)Landed
21:05:00KE 5824Korean AirKorean AirDalian (DLC)Landed
21:05:00CZ 675China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesDalian (DLC)Landed
21:10:00CA 4619Air ChinaAir ChinaQingdao (TAO)Landed
21:10:00OZ 6704Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Landed
21:10:00SC 4619Shandong AirlinesShandong AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Landed
21:10:00KE 5846Korean AirKorean AirYantai (YNT)Landed
21:10:00MU 5049China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesYantai (YNT)Landed
21:15:005J 128Cebu Pacific AirCebu Pacific AirCebu City (CEB)Landed
21:15:00DL 9024Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesHo Chi Minh City (SGN)LandedDelayed
21:15:00VN 3402Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesHo Chi Minh City (SGN)LandedDelayed
21:15:00KE 682Korean AirKorean AirHo Chi Minh City (SGN)LandedDelayed
21:15:007C* 1307Jeju AirJeju AirOsaka (KIX)Landed
21:15:00LJ 284Jin AirJin AirOsaka (KIX)Landed
21:15:00DL 9033Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesHanoi (HAN)Landed
21:15:00VN 3416Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesHanoi (HAN)Landed
21:15:00KE 484Korean AirKorean AirHanoi (HAN)Landed
21:15:00KE 552Korean AirKorean AirTokyo (NRT)Landed
21:20:00QR 5832Qatar AirwaysQatar AirwaysHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:20:00CX 416Cathay PacificCathay PacificHong Kong (HKG)Landed
21:20:007C* 2202Jeju AirJeju AirBangkok (BKK)Landed
21:20:00OM 5301Miat - Mongolian AirlinesMiat - Mongolian AirlinesUlaanbaatar (ULN)LandedDelayed
21:20:00KE 868Korean AirKorean AirUlaanbaatar (ULN)LandedDelayed
21:25:00OZ 123Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesNagoya (NGO)Landed
21:25:00EY 8463Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysNagoya (NGO)Landed
21:25:00TK 8093Turkish AirlinesTurkish AirlinesNagoya (NGO)Landed
21:25:00NH 6965ANAANANagoya (NGO)Landed
21:30:00OZ 6572Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesNovosibirsk (OVB)LandedDelayed
21:30:00S7 501S7 AirlinesS7 AirlinesNovosibirsk (OVB)LandedDelayed
21:35:00ZE 604EASTAR JETEASTAR JETTokyo (NRT)LandedDelayed
21:35:00LJ 226Jin AirJin AirFukuoka (FUK)LandedDelayed
21:35:00BI 651Royal Brunei AirlinesRoyal Brunei AirlinesBandar Seri Begawan (BWN)Landed
21:40:00TWB 204T'Way AirT'Way AirTokyo (NRT)LandedDelayed
21:40:007C* 2902Jeju AirJeju AirDa Nang (DAD)LandedDelayed
21:40:00Z2 9048Philippines AirAsiaPhilippines AirAsiaCebu City (CEB)Landed
21:40:007C* 1305Jeju AirJeju AirOsaka (KIX)LandedDelayed
21:40:00KE 5982Korean AirKorean AirVladivostok (VVO)Landed
21:40:00SU 5434AeroflotAeroflotVladivostok (VVO)Landed
21:40:00PR 492Philippine AirlinesPhilippine AirlinesAngeles (CRK)Landed
21:45:00MH 38Malaysia AirlinesMalaysia AirlinesKuala Lumpur (KUL)Landed
21:45:00KE 5670Korean AirKorean AirKuala Lumpur (KUL)Landed
21:50:00Z2 888Philippines AirAsiaPhilippines AirAsiaManila (MNL)En RouteDelayed
21:55:00APJ 11Peach AviationPeach AviationOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:00:00KE 5744Korean AirKorean AirTokyo (NRT)Landed
22:00:00LJ 204Jin AirJin AirTokyo (NRT)Landed
22:00:00OZ 6784Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesSingapore (SIN)Landed
22:00:00VA 5406Virgin AustraliaVirgin AustraliaSingapore (SIN)Landed
22:00:00SQ 602Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesSingapore (SIN)Landed
22:00:00NH 6897ANAANAFukuoka (FUK)LandedDelayed
22:00:00TK 8095Turkish AirlinesTurkish AirlinesFukuoka (FUK)LandedDelayed
22:00:00EY 8444Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysFukuoka (FUK)LandedDelayed
22:00:00ET 1445Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopian AirlinesFukuoka (FUK)LandedDelayed
22:00:00OZ 135Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesFukuoka (FUK)LandedDelayed
22:05:00DL 9047Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesDa Nang (DAD)Landed
22:05:00VN 3442Vietnam AirlinesVietnam AirlinesDa Nang (DAD)Landed
22:05:00KE 486Korean AirKorean AirDa Nang (DAD)Landed
22:05:00ET 1291Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopian AirlinesOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:05:00NZ 4057Air New ZealandAir New ZealandOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:05:00OZ 117Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesOsaka (KIX)Landed
22:10:00EY 8461Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00NH 6975ANAANATokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00NZ 4055Air New ZealandAir New ZealandTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00UA 7299United AirlinesUnited AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00OZ 105Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En RouteDelayed
22:10:00MU 5085China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesJinan (TNA)LandedDelayed
22:10:00QR 8984Qatar AirwaysQatar AirwaysDoha (DOH)Scheduled
22:15:00QW* 9901Qingdao AirlinesQingdao AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Landed
22:15:00OZ 336Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesBeijing (PEK)Landed
22:15:00CA 5005Air ChinaAir ChinaBeijing (PEK)Landed
22:20:005J 188Cebu Pacific AirCebu Pacific AirManila (MNL)En RouteDelayed
22:20:00KE 5804Korean AirKorean AirBeijing (PEK)Landed
22:20:00CZ 315China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesBeijing (PEK)Landed
22:25:00TWB 294T'Way AirT'Way AirFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:30:00RS* 753Air SeoulAir SeoulTokyo (NRT)En Route
22:30:00OZ 9609Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En Route
22:35:00OZ 6723Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesLos Angeles (LAX)Landed
22:35:00SQ 7Singapore AirlinesSingapore AirlinesLos Angeles (LAX)Landed
22:35:00DL 9016Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:35:00EY 8482Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:35:00JL 5225JALJALFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:35:00KL 4259KLMKLMFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:35:00KE 782Korean AirKorean AirFukuoka (FUK)Landed
22:40:00NH 8475ANAANATokyo (NRT)Scheduled
22:40:00KE 8236Korean AirKorean AirLos Angeles (LAX)Scheduled
22:45:00VJC 838VietJet AirVietJet AirNha Trang (CXR)En RouteDelayed
22:45:002P 2482PAL ExpressPAL ExpressTagbilaran (TAG)Scheduled
22:45:009W 4659Jet Airways (India)Jet Airways (India)Hong Kong (HKG)Landed
22:45:00DL 9019Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesHong Kong (HKG)Landed
22:45:00EY 8495Etihad AirwaysEtihad AirwaysHong Kong (HKG)Landed
22:45:00KE 602Korean AirKorean AirHong Kong (HKG)Landed
22:50:00CA 4721Air ChinaAir ChinaQingdao (TAO)Landed
22:50:00OZ 6718Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Landed
22:50:00SC 4721Shandong AirlinesShandong AirlinesQingdao (TAO)Landed
22:50:00TWB 290T'Way AirT'Way AirOsaka (KIX)En RouteDelayed
22:55:00KE 694Korean AirKorean AirTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:55:00DL 7664Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesTaipei (TPE)En Route
22:55:00CI 9066China AirlinesChina AirlinesTaipei (TPE)En Route
23:00:00SOO 7970Southern AirSouthern AirCincinnati (CVG)En Route
23:05:00XJ* 702Thai AirAsia XThai AirAsia XBangkok (DMK)En RouteDelayed
23:06:00PO 7970Polar Air CargoPolar Air CargoCincinnati (CVG)Scheduled
23:50:00RU 492AirBridgeCargoAirBridgeCargoTokyo (NRT)Scheduled
23:55:00BR 150EVA AirEVA AirTaipei (TPE)En Route
23:55:00TG 6394Thai Airways InternationalThai Airways InternationalTaipei (TPE)En Route
23:55:00OZ 6878Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesTaipei (TPE)En Route

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