George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport

Houston (US)

Arrivals IAH

ArrivalFlight AirlineToStatusRemark
06:01:00UA 1614United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLos Angeles (LAX)Landed
06:01:00NZ 9637Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLos Angeles (LAX)Landed
06:08:00UA 2112United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSeattle (SEA)Landed
06:08:00BR 3018EVA AirEVA AirSeattle (SEA)Landed
06:31:00UA 1200United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSan Francisco (SFO)En RouteDelayed
06:31:00NZ 9190Air New ZealandAir New ZealandSan Francisco (SFO)En RouteDelayed
06:37:00CM 1642Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesOklahoma City (OKC)Landed
06:37:00NZ 6817Air New ZealandAir New ZealandOklahoma City (OKC)Landed
06:37:00UA 6114United AirlinesUnited AirlinesOklahoma City (OKC)Landed
06:39:00CM 1458Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesHarlingen (HRL)Landed
06:39:00AC 3240Air CanadaAir CanadaHarlingen (HRL)Landed
06:39:00UA 3731United AirlinesUnited AirlinesHarlingen (HRL)Landed
06:39:00NZ 2432Air New ZealandAir New ZealandHarlingen (HRL)Landed
06:40:00NZ 6794Air New ZealandAir New ZealandNew Orleans (MSY)Landed
06:40:00NH 6523ANAANANew Orleans (MSY)Landed
06:40:00CM 1631Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesNew Orleans (MSY)Landed
06:40:00AC 5697Air CanadaAir CanadaNew Orleans (MSY)Landed
06:40:00UA 468United AirlinesUnited AirlinesNew Orleans (MSY)Landed
06:40:00CM 1316Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesCorpus Christi (CRP)Landed
06:40:00UA 6166United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCorpus Christi (CRP)Landed
06:40:00AC 3817Air CanadaAir CanadaCorpus Christi (CRP)Landed
06:43:00CM 1554Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesLaredo (LRD)Landed
06:43:00AC 3312Air CanadaAir CanadaLaredo (LRD)Landed
06:43:00UA 4286United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLaredo (LRD)Landed
06:43:00NZ 6536Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLaredo (LRD)Landed
06:45:00NZ 6426Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLake Charles (LCH)Landed
06:45:00CM 1517Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesLake Charles (LCH)Landed
06:45:00UA 3985United AirlinesUnited AirlinesKilleen (GRK)Landed
06:45:00NZ 9753Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCollege Station (CLL)Landed
06:45:00UA 4129United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCollege Station (CLL)Landed
06:45:00CM 1866Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesKilleen (GRK)Landed
06:45:00UA 4101United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLake Charles (LCH)Landed
06:45:00NZ 9558Air New ZealandAir New ZealandKilleen (GRK)Landed
06:46:00UA 1408United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCincinnati (CVG)Landed
06:46:00NZ 6462Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCincinnati (CVG)Landed
06:55:00NH 7173ANAANALima (LIM)En RouteDelayed
06:55:00UA 855United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLima (LIM)En RouteDelayed
07:20:00CA 885Air ChinaAir ChinaBeijing (PEK)En RouteDelayed
07:45:00UA 2739United AirlinesUnited AirlinesNew Orleans (MSY)En Route
07:45:00NH 174ANAANATokyo (NRT)En Route
07:45:00UA 7936United AirlinesUnited AirlinesTokyo (NRT)En Route
07:46:00AC 3876Air CanadaAir CanadaLeon/Guanajuato (BJX)En Route
07:46:00NH 7095ANAANALeon/Guanajuato (BJX)En Route
07:46:00UA 6205United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLeon/Guanajuato (BJX)En Route
07:48:00NK 363Spirit AirlinesSpirit AirlinesAtlanta (ATL)En Route
07:50:00BAI 461Boutique AirBoutique AirVictoria (VCT)Scheduled
07:50:00UA 3001United AirlinesUnited AirlinesVictoria (VCT)Scheduled
07:53:00UA 1011United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCancun (CUN)En RouteDelayed
07:53:00NZ 9931Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCancun (CUN)En RouteDelayed
07:53:00NH 7099ANAANACancun (CUN)En RouteDelayed
07:59:00NH 7121ANAANAMonterrey (MTY)En Route
07:59:00AC 3906Air CanadaAir CanadaMonterrey (MTY)En Route
07:59:00UA 6327United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMonterrey (MTY)En Route
08:00:00NZ 9947Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMexico City (MEX)En Route
08:00:00NH 7161ANAANAMexico City (MEX)En Route
08:00:00UA 1085United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMexico City (MEX)En Route
08:00:00CA 7375Air ChinaAir ChinaHonolulu (HNL)En Route
08:00:00UA 252United AirlinesUnited AirlinesHonolulu (HNL)En Route
08:04:00AS 6017Alaska AirlinesAlaska AirlinesDallas (DFW)En Route
08:04:00AA 1836American AirlinesAmerican AirlinesDallas (DFW)En Route
08:04:00LA 6557LATAM AirlinesLATAM AirlinesDallas (DFW)En Route
08:06:00AC 3881Air CanadaAir CanadaQueretaro (QRO)En Route
08:06:00NH 7113ANAANAQueretaro (QRO)En Route
08:06:00UA 6316United AirlinesUnited AirlinesQueretaro (QRO)En Route
08:09:00UA 4429United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSan Luis Potosi (SLP)En Route
08:10:00AC 5174Air CanadaAir CanadaAustin (AUS)Scheduled
08:10:00CM 1185Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesAustin (AUS)Scheduled
08:10:00NZ 6360Air New ZealandAir New ZealandAustin (AUS)Scheduled
08:10:00UA 1919United AirlinesUnited AirlinesAustin (AUS)Scheduled
08:11:00UA 4192United AirlinesUnited AirlinesAguascalientes (AGU)En Route
08:11:00AC 3372Air CanadaAir CanadaAguascalientes (AGU)En Route
08:11:00NH 7093ANAANAAguascalientes (AGU)En Route
08:13:00NZ 9967Air New ZealandAir New ZealandGuadalajara (GDL)En Route
08:13:00AC 3797Air CanadaAir CanadaGuadalajara (GDL)En Route
08:13:00NH 7107ANAANAGuadalajara (GDL)En Route
08:13:00UA 376United AirlinesUnited AirlinesGuadalajara (GDL)En Route
08:17:00UA 4418United AirlinesUnited AirlinesBrownsville (BRO)ScheduledDelayed
08:17:00NZ 6969Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBrownsville (BRO)ScheduledDelayed
08:17:00CM 1244Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesBrownsville (BRO)ScheduledDelayed
08:17:00AC 3232Air CanadaAir CanadaBrownsville (BRO)ScheduledDelayed
08:19:00AC 5439Air CanadaAir CanadaNew Orleans (MSY)En Route
08:19:00CM 1630Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesNew Orleans (MSY)En Route
08:19:00NH 6521ANAANANew Orleans (MSY)En Route
08:19:00NZ 6792Air New ZealandAir New ZealandNew Orleans (MSY)En Route
08:19:00UA 1077United AirlinesUnited AirlinesNew Orleans (MSY)En Route
08:20:00UA 2092United AirlinesUnited AirlinesBaltimore (BWI)En Route
08:20:00NZ 2996Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBaltimore (BWI)En Route
08:25:00NZ 6977Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBaton Rouge (BTR)En Route
08:25:00NH 7061ANAANABaton Rouge (BTR)En Route
08:25:00CM 1255Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesBaton Rouge (BTR)En Route
08:25:00UA 4223United AirlinesUnited AirlinesBaton Rouge (BTR)En Route
08:25:00CM 1650Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesOmaha (OMA)En Route
08:25:00NZ 6825Air New ZealandAir New ZealandOmaha (OMA)En Route
08:25:00UA 571United AirlinesUnited AirlinesOmaha (OMA)En Route
08:27:00NZ 6719Air New ZealandAir New ZealandPittsburgh (PIT)En Route
08:27:00UA 3457United AirlinesUnited AirlinesPittsburgh (PIT)En Route
08:29:00UA 2268United AirlinesUnited AirlinesRaleigh/Durham (RDU)En Route
08:29:00NZ 6557Air New ZealandAir New ZealandRaleigh/Durham (RDU)En Route
08:29:00NH 7031ANAANARaleigh/Durham (RDU)En Route
08:30:00AC 3834Air CanadaAir CanadaSan Antonio (SAT)Scheduled
08:30:00NH 6531ANAANASan Antonio (SAT)Scheduled
08:30:00CM 1679Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesSan Antonio (SAT)Scheduled
08:30:00UA 2392United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSan Antonio (SAT)Scheduled
08:31:00UA 2148United AirlinesUnited AirlinesFort Lauderdale (FLL)En Route
08:31:00NH 6539ANAANAFort Lauderdale (FLL)En Route
08:31:00NZ 6620Air New ZealandAir New ZealandFort Lauderdale (FLL)En Route
08:32:00UA 3979United AirlinesUnited AirlinesPanama City (ECP)En Route
08:33:00NZ 6930Air New ZealandAir New ZealandTampa (TPA)En Route
08:33:00NH 6527ANAANATampa (TPA)En Route
08:33:00CM 1722Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesTampa (TPA)En Route
08:33:00UA 1895United AirlinesUnited AirlinesTampa (TPA)En Route
08:33:00CM 1577Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesKansas City (MCI)En Route
08:33:00NZ 6700Air New ZealandAir New ZealandKansas City (MCI)En Route
08:33:00UA 371United AirlinesUnited AirlinesKansas City (MCI)En Route
08:35:00NZ 9775Air New ZealandAir New ZealandDayton (DAY)En Route
08:35:00UA 4229United AirlinesUnited AirlinesDayton (DAY)En Route
08:35:00NH 7131ANAANAKnoxville (TYS)En Route
08:35:00NZ 6666Air New ZealandAir New ZealandKnoxville (TYS)En Route
08:35:00UA 4123United AirlinesUnited AirlinesKnoxville (TYS)En Route
08:36:00CM 1530Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesLafayette (LFT)Scheduled
08:36:00NZ 6465Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLafayette (LFT)Scheduled
08:36:00UA 3566United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLafayette (LFT)Scheduled
08:36:00NZ 6443Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCharlotte (CLT)En Route
08:36:00NH 7059ANAANACharlotte (CLT)En Route
08:36:00UA 6065United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCharlotte (CLT)En Route
08:37:00CM 1148Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesAlexandria (AEX)Scheduled
08:37:00NZ 2982Air New ZealandAir New ZealandAlexandria (AEX)Scheduled
08:37:00UA 4353United AirlinesUnited AirlinesAlexandria (AEX)Scheduled
08:38:00AC 3277Air CanadaAir CanadaGulfport (GPT)En Route
08:38:00NZ 9793Air New ZealandAir New ZealandGulfport (GPT)En Route
08:38:00UA 4451United AirlinesUnited AirlinesGulfport (GPT)En Route
08:38:00NZ 9773Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCorpus Christi (CRP)Scheduled
08:38:00AC 3424Air CanadaAir CanadaCorpus Christi (CRP)Scheduled
08:38:00CM 1313Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesCorpus Christi (CRP)Scheduled
08:38:00UA 6097United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCorpus Christi (CRP)Scheduled
08:39:00NZ 6764Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMinneapolis (MSP)En Route
08:39:00UA 6351United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMinneapolis (MSP)En Route
08:39:00NZ 2394Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMidland (MAF)Scheduled
08:39:00AC 4626Air CanadaAir CanadaMidland (MAF)Scheduled
08:39:00CM 1565Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesMidland (MAF)Scheduled
08:39:00UA 2053United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMidland (MAF)Scheduled
08:40:00NZ 6422Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCleveland (CLE)En Route
08:40:00UA 6068United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCleveland (CLE)En Route
08:40:00NZ 2042Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLexington (LEX)En Route
08:40:00UA 4322United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLexington (LEX)En Route
08:40:00NZ 6639Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMobile (MOB)En Route
08:40:00AC 3261Air CanadaAir CanadaMobile (MOB)En Route
08:40:00CM 1613Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesMobile (MOB)En Route
08:40:00UA 4309United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMobile (MOB)En Route
08:40:00NZ 2610Air New ZealandAir New ZealandSavannah (SAV)En Route
08:40:00UA 4073United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSavannah (SAV)En Route
08:41:00CM 1541Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesLittle Rock (LIT)En Route
08:41:00AC 3247Air CanadaAir CanadaLittle Rock (LIT)En Route
08:41:00NZ 6478Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLittle Rock (LIT)En Route
08:41:00UA 2113United AirlinesUnited AirlinesPhiladelphia (PHL)En Route
08:41:00NZ 6868Air New ZealandAir New ZealandPhiladelphia (PHL)En Route
08:41:00NH 7119ANAANALittle Rock (LIT)En Route
08:41:00UA 6095United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLittle Rock (LIT)En Route
08:41:00CM 1686Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesLouisville (SDF)En Route
08:41:00NH 7097ANAANALouisville (SDF)En Route
08:41:00NZ 6628Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLouisville (SDF)En Route
08:41:00UA 3438United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLouisville (SDF)En Route
08:42:00CM 1662Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesPensacola (PNS)En Route
08:42:00NH 7057ANAANAPensacola (PNS)En Route
08:42:00UA 6262United AirlinesUnited AirlinesPensacola (PNS)En Route
08:42:00NZ 6578Air New ZealandAir New ZealandRichmond (RIC)En Route
08:42:00AC 3205Air CanadaAir CanadaPensacola (PNS)En Route
08:42:00NZ 6592Air New ZealandAir New ZealandPensacola (PNS)En Route
08:42:00UA 2158United AirlinesUnited AirlinesJacksonville (JAX)En Route
08:42:00NZ 6416Air New ZealandAir New ZealandJacksonville (JAX)En Route
08:42:00NH 6547ANAANAJacksonville (JAX)En Route
08:42:00AC 4660Air CanadaAir CanadaJacksonville (JAX)En Route
08:42:00UA 6199United AirlinesUnited AirlinesRichmond (RIC)En Route
08:42:00NZ 6596Air New ZealandAir New ZealandNewark (EWR)En Route
08:42:00SK 6820SASSASNewark (EWR)En Route
08:42:00UA 4280United AirlinesUnited AirlinesAmarillo (AMA)En Route
08:42:00CM 1170Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesAmarillo (AMA)En Route
08:42:00AC 4646Air CanadaAir CanadaAmarillo (AMA)En Route
08:42:00NZ 2984Air New ZealandAir New ZealandAmarillo (AMA)En Route
08:42:00UA 6082United AirlinesUnited AirlinesGreenville (GSP)En Route
08:42:00NZ 2054Air New ZealandAir New ZealandGreenville (GSP)En Route
08:42:00NH 7065ANAANAGreenville (GSP)En Route
08:42:00UA 527United AirlinesUnited AirlinesFort Myers (RSW)En Route
08:42:00AC 4825Air CanadaAir CanadaFort Myers (RSW)En Route
08:42:00UA 2037United AirlinesUnited AirlinesNewark (EWR)En Route
08:43:00NZ 6950Air New ZealandAir New ZealandTulsa (TUL)En Route
08:43:00NH 7615ANAANATulsa (TUL)En Route
08:43:00CM 1735Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesTulsa (TUL)En Route
08:43:00UA 671United AirlinesUnited AirlinesTulsa (TUL)En Route
08:43:00NZ 6306Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMcAllen (MFE)Scheduled
08:43:00AC 5747Air CanadaAir CanadaMcAllen (MFE)Scheduled
08:43:00NH 6545ANAANAMcAllen (MFE)Scheduled
08:43:00CM 1601Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesMcAllen (MFE)Scheduled
08:43:00UA 1414United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMcAllen (MFE)Scheduled
08:44:00NZ 6405Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBoston (BOS)En Route
08:44:00UA 650United AirlinesUnited AirlinesBoston (BOS)En Route
08:44:00NZ 6338Air New ZealandAir New ZealandHuntsville (HSV)En Route
08:44:00CM 1470Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesHuntsville (HSV)En Route
08:44:00AC 3111Air CanadaAir CanadaHuntsville (HSV)En Route
08:44:00NH 7069ANAANAHuntsville (HSV)En Route
08:44:00UA 4371United AirlinesUnited AirlinesHuntsville (HSV)En Route
08:45:00CM 1493Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesJackson (JAN)En Route
08:45:00AC 3181Air CanadaAir CanadaJackson (JAN)En Route
08:45:00NZ 6406Air New ZealandAir New ZealandJackson (JAN)En Route
08:45:00UA 6300United AirlinesUnited AirlinesDetroit (DTW)En Route
08:45:00NZ 6573Air New ZealandAir New ZealandDetroit (DTW)En Route
08:45:00UA 3563United AirlinesUnited AirlinesIndianapolis (IND)En Route
08:45:00NZ 6660Air New ZealandAir New ZealandIndianapolis (IND)En Route
08:45:00NH 6535ANAANAJackson (JAN)En Route
08:45:00UA 4388United AirlinesUnited AirlinesJackson (JAN)En Route
08:45:00NZ 6506Air New ZealandAir New ZealandDenver (DEN)En Route
08:45:00AC 5201Air CanadaAir CanadaDenver (DEN)En Route
08:45:00UA 1192United AirlinesUnited AirlinesDenver (DEN)En Route
08:45:00CM 1639Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesOklahoma City (OKC)Scheduled
08:45:00NH 7531ANAANAOklahoma City (OKC)Scheduled
08:45:00NZ 6811Air New ZealandAir New ZealandOklahoma City (OKC)Scheduled
08:45:00UA 6089United AirlinesUnited AirlinesOklahoma City (OKC)Scheduled
08:46:00NZ 6461Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCincinnati (CVG)En Route
08:46:00UA 6242United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCincinnati (CVG)En Route
08:46:00DL 55Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesAtlanta (ATL)En Route
08:47:00NZ 2560Air New ZealandAir New ZealandNorfolk (ORF)En Route
08:47:00UA 6318United AirlinesUnited AirlinesNorfolk (ORF)En Route
08:47:00CM 1325Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesDallas (DFW)Scheduled
08:47:00NH 6541ANAANADallas (DFW)Scheduled
08:47:00NZ 6525Air New ZealandAir New ZealandDallas (DFW)Scheduled
08:47:00UA 6150United AirlinesUnited AirlinesDallas (DFW)Scheduled
08:47:00NZ 6993Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCharleston (CHS)En Route
08:47:00UA 6093United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCharleston (CHS)En Route
08:48:00CM 1711Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesSaint Louis (STL)En Route
08:48:00NH 7089ANAANASaint Louis (STL)En Route
08:48:00NZ 6913Air New ZealandAir New ZealandSaint Louis (STL)En Route
08:48:00UA 4264United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSaint Louis (STL)En Route
08:49:00NZ 6987Air New ZealandAir New ZealandColumbia (CAE)En Route
08:49:00UA 4236United AirlinesUnited AirlinesColumbia (CAE)En Route
08:49:00NZ 6543Air New ZealandAir New ZealandMemphis (MEM)En Route
08:49:00CM 1589Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesMemphis (MEM)En Route
08:49:00NH 7023ANAANAMemphis (MEM)En Route
08:49:00UA 6308United AirlinesUnited AirlinesMemphis (MEM)En Route
08:49:00NZ 6480Air New ZealandAir New ZealandWashington (DCA)En Route
08:49:00UA 551United AirlinesUnited AirlinesWashington (DCA)En Route
08:49:00NK 595Spirit AirlinesSpirit AirlinesChicago (ORD)En Route
08:50:00CM 1206Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesBirmingham (BHM)En Route
08:50:00NH 6537ANAANABirmingham (BHM)En Route
08:50:00AC 4316Air CanadaAir CanadaBirmingham (BHM)En Route
08:50:00NZ 6963Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBirmingham (BHM)En Route
08:50:00UA 1062United AirlinesUnited AirlinesPhoenix (PHX)En Route
08:50:00NZ 6880Air New ZealandAir New ZealandPhoenix (PHX)En Route
08:50:00UA 4002United AirlinesUnited AirlinesBirmingham (BHM)En Route
08:50:00CM 1219Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesNashville (BNA)En Route
08:50:00NZ 6381Air New ZealandAir New ZealandNashville (BNA)En Route
08:50:00UA 4432United AirlinesUnited AirlinesLubbock (LBB)Scheduled
08:50:00NZ 6438Air New ZealandAir New ZealandLubbock (LBB)Scheduled
08:50:00CM 1506Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesLubbock (LBB)Scheduled
08:50:00AC 3442Air CanadaAir CanadaLubbock (LBB)Scheduled
08:50:00UA 441United AirlinesUnited AirlinesNashville (BNA)En Route
08:50:00NH 6525ANAANANashville (BNA)En Route
08:52:00NZ 9783Air New ZealandAir New ZealandEl Paso (ELP)Scheduled
08:52:00CM 1351Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesEl Paso (ELP)Scheduled
08:52:00NH 6549ANAANAEl Paso (ELP)Scheduled
08:52:00AC 4553Air CanadaAir CanadaEl Paso (ELP)Scheduled
08:52:00UA 6047United AirlinesUnited AirlinesEl Paso (ELP)Scheduled
08:52:00NZ 6330Air New ZealandAir New ZealandAtlanta (ATL)En Route
08:52:00NH 6533ANAANAAtlanta (ATL)En Route
08:52:00UA 6272United AirlinesUnited AirlinesAtlanta (ATL)En Route
08:53:00NZ 6368Air New ZealandAir New ZealandWichita (ICT)En Route
08:53:00CM 1481Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesWichita (ICT)En Route
08:53:00NH 7621ANAANAWichita (ICT)En Route
08:53:00UA 3725United AirlinesUnited AirlinesWichita (ICT)En Route
08:53:00NH 7371ANAANAColumbus (CMH)En Route
08:53:00NZ 9757Air New ZealandAir New ZealandColumbus (CMH)En Route
08:53:00UA 3506United AirlinesUnited AirlinesColumbus (CMH)En Route
08:54:00UA 1768United AirlinesUnited AirlinesOrlando (MCO)ScheduledDelayed
08:54:00NH 6497ANAANAOrlando (MCO)ScheduledDelayed
08:54:00NZ 6721Air New ZealandAir New ZealandOrlando (MCO)ScheduledDelayed
08:55:00UA 3995United AirlinesUnited AirlinesBentonville (XNA)En Route
08:55:00CM 1758Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesBentonville (XNA)En Route
08:55:00NZ 6708Air New ZealandAir New ZealandBentonville (XNA)En Route
08:55:00UA 3981United AirlinesUnited AirlinesCharleston (CRW)En Route
08:55:00NZ 6999Air New ZealandAir New ZealandCharleston (CRW)En Route
08:55:00UA 4221United AirlinesUnited AirlinesHobbs (HOB)En Route
08:55:00CM 1854Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesHobbs (HOB)En Route
08:55:00NZ 9795Air New ZealandAir New ZealandGrand Rapids (GRR)En Route
08:55:00UA 4047United AirlinesUnited AirlinesGrand Rapids (GRR)En Route
08:55:00CM 1337Copa AirlinesCopa AirlinesDes Moines (DSM)En Route
08:55:00NZ 6545Air New ZealandAir New ZealandDes Moines (DSM)En Route
08:55:00UA 6115United AirlinesUnited AirlinesDes Moines (DSM)En Route
08:55:00NZ 6991Air New ZealandAir New ZealandAkron (CAK)En RouteDelayed
08:55:00UA 4188United AirlinesUnited AirlinesAkron (CAK)En RouteDelayed
08:55:00NZ 2618Air New ZealandAir New ZealandSpringfield (SGF)En Route
08:55:00UA 4214United AirlinesUnited AirlinesSpringfield (SGF)En Route
08:55:00NZ 2690Air New ZealandAir New ZealandHobbs (HOB)En Route

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